Adrotator Control in ASP.Net C#

September 2, 2019

ASP.Net AdRotator Control

The AdRotator is one of the rich web server control of AdRotator control is used to display a sequence of advertisement images as per given priority of image.

Adrotator control display the sequence of images, which is specified in the external XML file. In a xml file we indicate the images to display with some other attributes, like  image impressions, NavigateUrl, ImageUrl, AlternateText.

In a Adrotator control images will be changed each time while refreshing the web page.

AdRotator Control Example in ASP.Net

Step 1 – Open the Visual Studio –> Create a new empty Web application.

Step 2 – Create a  New web page for display AdRotator control.

step 3 – Drag and drop AdRotator Control on web page from toolbox.

step 4 – go to Add New Item –> Add New XML File in project for write advertisement detail.

step 5 – Assign XML File to AdvertisementFile Property of AdRotator control.

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